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Art Studio

Welcome to our art studio. This oasis within an oasis stands alone and offers its own spectacular views.

The Studio is in a forest setting with a seasonal stream and pond where wild duck, geese, deer and other wildlife visit daily.

Guests of the Inn are invited to experience the adventure and to express their creativity in the form they most enjoy, be it clay, paint, music, photography, writing, etc.

Beautiful natural surroundings provide inspiration. The wonderful light and serenity are perfect for creating art. It's hard to imagine that anyone could resist using this wonderful art studio. The views are perfect for your newest landscape painting!


              How about a weekend artistic getaway? 

It has been the quiet retreat from the busy life of an innkeeper. Several years ago during our slow season, I had the opportunity to paint a Trompe l' oeil in the bathroom of the Moonlight Suite. John had painted clouds on the ceiling, but I wanted to do something special on the walls. The magic was back and I needed a place where I could regularly paint. After not painting for some 20 odd years, I can now disappear for a few stolen hours and escape, relax and refresh.

We have shared the studio with traveling artists from all over the US and Canada. Carol Gold, who had one of her sculptures on the July, 2004 cover of Southwest Art Magazine, is one of our regulars.

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