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The Grounds at Flery Manor

Relax in a hammock by day...

                                            ... stroll a moonlit path by night.

Welcome to our Garden's
Spring Splendor
A Peaceful Perch
Sunset's are Amazing  at Flery Manor
View from Gazebo
View from Grape Arbor
Stroll our Lower Garden
Autumn at the Manor
Garden Art
Lucy's Garden
Fall Pathways
Garden Art
Small Pond
Spring Time
Front Waterfall
Gazebo and pond
Gazebo Stream
Pathways to Gazebo and Ponds
Welcoming Winter
First Snowfall
Winter Nest
Enjoy our Gardens

Take a walk and enjoy the peaceful pines. Lie in a hammock under an umbrella of trees and relax while sipping a cool glass of  your favorite beverage. The Southern Oregon sunsets from our huge wrap-around  deck are spectacular.

Our Gazebo, with it's waterfall, stream, and Koi Pond, is the perfect place to relax in the hammock swing or enjoy a snack. 

You'll enjoy the pathways, serene benches and the peaceful ponds. The relaxing trickle of running water from the waterfall and stream enhances the tranquility of the peaceful atmosphere. Wild ducks make their home in the ponds year round. And you won't want to miss visiting Juliet, our "Resident Black Swan".

You'll enjoy the wildlife, and over 50 species of birds around the grounds of Flery Manor in the spring time.
Binoculars are available in several of the rooms for our guest who enjoy bird watching.

Featured in The San Francisco Examiner -- 1/97

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